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Cheesy Wine Trail Features Wisconsin Cheese - Whispering Bluffs Winery

Cheesy Wine Trail Features Wisconsin Cheese

Southwest Wisconsin Wineries Cheesy Wine Trail 2018

Did you know that 90 percent of the milk in Wisconsin becomes tasty cheese?  In fact, America’s Dairyland produces about a quarter of all cheese in the U.S.

On June 23 and 24, travelers on the Cheesy Wine Trail discovered phenomenal Wisconsin wines and cheeses. Sponsored by the Southwest Wisconsin Wine Trail, the event paired artisanal cheeses with local vintages from five area wineries.

At Whispering Bluffs, guests enjoyed five cheeses from three Wisconsin cheesemakers.

Kingfisher Red Wine and Kalamata Olive Cheddar 

Kingfisher wine with Kalamata Olive Cheddar from Brunkow CheeseWe paired our Kingfisher red wine with a Kalamata Olive Cheddar from Brunkow Cheese in Darlington, Wisconsin. Since 1899, this family owned company has handcrafted award-winning cheeses using old-world recipes.

“The cheese was so flavorful and finished with almost a pepperoni kick,” said Winery Manager Mary Beth. “One trail participant said his palate was feeling Italian!” With its blend of Cabernet and Foch grapes and subtle oak undertones, Kingfisher offered a perfect pairing with the zesty cheese.

Maréchal Foch Red Wine and Smoked Gouda

Maréchal Foch Red Wine and Smoked GoudaFor our second pairing, Green County Wisconsin contributed an Emmi Roth Smoked Gouda to complement our Maréchal Foch wine.

Inspired by traditional recipes, Emmi Roth Gouda is a Dutch-style classic made with rBST-free milk in Wisconsin.

The smokiness of the cheese and the earthiness of the wine made a fantastic flavor combination.

Trumpeter Swan White Wine and Alpine Style Grand Cru

Next, our crisp, semi-sweet Trumpeter Swan white wine danced a tasty duet with Emi Roth’s award-winning Alpine Style Grand Cru.

Golden Goldfinch White Wine and Chicken Soup Jack

Our fourth pairing featured our semi-sweet Golden Goldfinch white wine and Brunkow Cheese’s Chicken Soup Jack. Tasting like a Chicken in a Bisket cracker, the salty cheese offered a perfect complement to the sweetness of the wine, with its fruit and citrus overtones.

Meadowlark White Wine and While Ginseng and Garlic Jack 

Meadowlark White Wine and Wild Ginseng and Garlic Jack Our final combination paired our Meadowlark white wine with Kindred Creamery’s Wild Ginseng and Garlic Jack cheese.

Fermented from Wisconsin’s own Brianna grape, this sweet white wine recently took a Double Gold Medal at the Wisconsin State Fair.

The subtle ginger, ginseng and garlic flavors of the cheese provided a perfect contrast to the sweetness the wine.

Wine Party Trail July 21 & 22

Mark your calendar for the next big event on the Southwest Wisconsin Wine Trail. On July 21 & 22, the Wine Party Trail will help trail travelers beat the heat with COOL wines and munchies.

Don’t forget that our tasting room is open daily! Stop by to sample some of Wisconsin’s finest red, white, dessert and fruit wines.


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