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Whispering Bluffs Winery is a comfortable, welcoming place that makes you feel you at home. Taste some delicious and unique Wisconsin wines. Indulge yourself with handmade chocolates, drink in the art, and take a look around. The winery is in the perfect spot, just a short drive from either Madison, WI or Dubuque, IA. Nearby is the Potosi Brewery and National Brewery Museum, and the mighty Mississippi River. The village of Potosi is loved by both residents and visitors. Former long-time mayor Frank Fiorenza even wrote a poem about Potosi.

Whispering Bluffs Vineyard sits on bluffs overlooking the Mississippi River. The land where our vineyard is planted is part of the “ Driftless Region” of S.W. Wisconsin.

About 100,000 years ago glaciers bypassed this area leaving our grape vines to grow in soil untouched by the glaciers, but experiencing natures hundreds of thousands years of change. Today we grow cold hardy grapes on this untouched soil, giving our wines a truly unique and wonderful flavor.

Upper Mississippi Valley is the largest viticultural area {AVA} in North America, and the largest designated wine producing region in the World.  This area was designated as an AVA. in July 2009 .

The reason for this prestigious grant was due to the unique topography and resulting climate due to the glacier activity of the last ice age .

Our S.W. Wisconsin soil allow us to grow distinct cold hardy grapes unavailable in most other climates and topography in the World .


Wine Tasting

Enjoy our exclusive wine tasting at the winery in Potosi, WI. No reservations are necessary. For only $8.00 you can taste 5 different wines and receive a complimentary wine glass with our logo. You can choose 5 wines from the following list:

All of our wines can be purchased at the winery or online.

Directions to Potosi, WI:

  • Just 28 minutes from Dubuque, Iowa via US-151 N/US-61 N and Great River Rd.
  • Just 90 minutes from Madison, Wisconsin via US-151 S.
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